Welcome To Website Mega Science Co., Ltd
Mega Science is trading company of scientific instruments, equipments, machines, including general instruments for laboratory and rapid test kits.
We are confident in forming up skillful team work as per their expertise ability to ensure excellent service to customers. We aim at providing service to fulfill and customize customer specific needs. We aim that customers are able to utilize with their work at full efficiency either in production or laboratory. Cost saving and worth investment for customers are also the other of our major concern.
Our company ‘s major strategies are to take care customer from pilot (R&D) till production stage by looking at macro benefit of customer as core principle, to ensure the best return on their investment. Moreover, we have managed our personal to be responsible for specific work scope in many departments to provide the best service to customer too i.e. sales, marketing, technical support, technician service and logistics.
In spite of the above mentioned service, we also have installation working team for huge instruments and equipment installation project including IQ (Installation Qualification) and OQ (Operation Qualification)*
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